Stockholm, the 2nd of September 2020 – Marginalen Bank’s customers with the Traveller card are now offered a wearable payment service as Marginalen Bank launch support for Fidesmo Pay in Sweden. Wearables with Fidesmo Pay functionality are provided by several European fashion brands and can be bought online and in-store. The customers buy a wearable of their choice, e.g. a bracelet or a keyring, connect a payment card and can then enjoy secure and convenient wearable payments on-the-go.

- Fidesmo Pay makes it possible for the customer to tap and pay in a modern and secure way. We are glad and proud that together with Marginalen Bank we are increasing the spread of our payment service in Sweden, says Mattias Eld, CEO and co-founder, Fidesmo.

- We are offering easy and safe payments to our customers. Fidesmo Pay is an excellent complement to existing services and I’m proud that we now can offer this service to our customers, says Haris Serhatlic, Head of Marketing, Marginalen Bank.

The full list of the supported payment cards can be found on